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Welcome and thank you for visiting. WE invite you to browse OUR website and contact us if you have any questions. WE have enjoyed treating our patients "like family" for over 12 years. WE hope you enjoy this information.




A dentist who-

listens and answers your questions

• understands & addresses your concerns

• provides comfortable care

• will follow-up with a courtesy call

• Treat patients "like family"


Single-visit Painless Root Canal Treatments

• One visit teeth whitening

• Tooth Colored restorations / Fillings

• Metal Free Ceramic Crowns

• Nitrous oxide, sleep, or sedation dentistry





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Talk about the dental problems, there are some definite ones being faced by a patient of certain age! What actually makes a difference is the solution that has been sought after. Dr. Pillai’s Sacred Heart Dental Clinic has been defining that thin line that exists between the traditional methods of dental treatment and those modern and precise ways which keep the patient at ease. The sole goal at Dr. Pillai’s Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is to treat every patient like family and thus offering nothing but the best dentist in Mumbai.

Dr. Pillai’s Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is one of its own types of dental clinics in Mumbai which have brought the best dentist in India closer to you. Not just the rich experience we have but also the way we treat every patient is what let us stand apart from the crowd. When you get in touch with us with any of your dental problems, you can expect the best of the solutions which have never been made available yet. We understand that dental health is of the utter importance to you and you need some quality dental treatment India without any loose ends. Thus, at Dr. Pillai’s Sacred Heart Dental Clinic, we offer you a range of sensitive dental treatments which are not just the best of what you can have but also the most reliable.

Cosmetic dentistry has been observed an increasing need for a while now but finding the solution for the same has been a task, especially in India. Keeping this as a concer, we have provided you the best Implantologist Mumbai who is not just the most experience but also to carry out the painless dentistry without hassle. So whether it’s the missing tooth you got or the foul dental appearance, just come to Dr. Pillai’s Sacred Heart Dental Clinic and you can get the best dental implants India and even the dental veneers India & dental laminates India. Being one of the renowned cosmetic dentists India, Dr. Pillai can get you the cosmetic dentistry solutions at their best.

Transforming the way people used to get the dentistry solutions in India, Dr. Pillai’s Sacred Heart Dental Clinic has turned out to be the most versatile dental clinic Powai and have even made the dental solutions affordable as ever. You can compare the dental implant rates of our clinic and those others out there and you can easily find the drastic difference. Worried about the quality? Dr. Pillai has been among the best of the dentists wherever he had been. So no matter whether it’s the dental veneer or full-fledged dental implant you need, Dr. Pillai is here to offer you everything without adding on to your expenses.

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