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Welcome and thank you for visiting. WE invite you to browse OUR website and contact us if you have any questions. WE have enjoyed treating our patients "like family" for over 12 years. WE hope you enjoy this information.




A dentist who-

listens and answers your questions

• understands & addresses your concerns

• provides comfortable care

• will follow-up with a courtesy call

• Treat patients "like family"


Single-visit Painless Root Canal Treatments

• One visit teeth whitening

• Tooth Colored restorations / Fillings

• Metal Free Ceramic Crowns

• Nitrous oxide, sleep, or sedation dentistry





Learn about:



  • COMFORT - When our patients feel good-we feel good!
  • TECHNOLOGY - not a day passes that we don't use our global network of contacts to research a new and innovative topic.
  • DENTIST CREDENTIALS - Who is treating you?
  • TESTIMONIALS - How were others treated?
  • FORMS/PHOTOS - Seeing is believing!
  • DENTIST NEWSLETTER - What's new?
  • CONTACT - How can I help you?
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