Oral Surgery
Surgical procedures in dentistry are usually need based but occasionally they are elective too especially oral surgical cosmetic procedures. Our Centre offers both.
Most common of the surgical procedures carried out in a routine dental practice are implant placement and removal of partially erupted teeth. We have discussed implants in detail in the following section below
Disimpaction Surgery
It is the surgical procedure to remove a partially erupted tooth or a tooth that is completely embedded within the bone due to clinical or therapeutical reasons. Most common teeth involved are the third molars ie the wisdom teeth and then the canines.
This is a surgical remedy to failed root canal treatment where the root end is surgically exposed and refilled retrograde
Other surgical procedures routinely performed in our clinic include removal of small to medium intra oral cysts and tumors, drainage of swelling and pus, Lip contouring , etc
Is a surgical procedure to release tongue tie and lip tie.
Cosmetic Surgical procedure
Gum contouring (gingivoplasty), gum depigmentation, jaw bone contouring have produced wonderful and long lasting results.